Luxury Log Homes in NC & GA

Log home living is more than simply building a house made of logs, it is a complete lifestyle. Building a custom log home is all about focusing on the good things in life that make us happy and comfortable. We wish to help you and others “experience the experience” of log home living in your very own log cabin dream home. Bear’s Den Log Homes has put together a network of highly qualified, licensed and insured contractors, lenders, and dedicated professionals, who will represent your best interest in bringing this lifestyle to you and making your dreams a reality with creative and cost-effective designs and building.

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When it comes time to turn your plans into reality, we believe in using only the finest kiln-dried logs for our custom-built luxury log homes. Learning how to select the most suitable species of wood for log home construction has taken our craftsmen many years. From cutting and planing to notching and measuring, each step is vital to producing the perfect construction package, but perhaps none more so than properly kiln-dried  and TPI-stamped logs.

We start by selecting only the highest quality Eastern White Pine. We combine natural air drying and kiln drying in the manufacturing of every single timber to minimize movement, shrinkage, and settling in the timbers over time. The drying process produces a more stable log and tighter joints for the construction of your handcrafted log home.

There are many different styles and sizes of logs for you to choose from, this is referred to as the log profile. From a flat-on-flat with a dovetail corner to a milled D-log with an inserted corner notch to the original chinked log to the round-on-round to name a few with many more log profiles to choose from. You can learn about all the different log profiles available at our Log Profiles. The exterior walls of your home can be one profile while you can choose another profile for your interior walls to get the perfect look and feel you are seeking. Bear’s Den Log Homes will design your log home to suit your lifestyle.