Our Hybrid and Craftsman Style Homes

Offering unique style and dramatic splendor to any design, our Hybrid, Craftsman and Structural Panel style homes are a perfect option for keeping your budget in line.   At Bear’s Den Log and Custom Homes, we offer distinctive homes and encourage combining the luxurious beauty of wood with the affordability of systems-built construction.  Combining styles so your home is as individual as you are.   Floor plans can be completely customized as to number of bedrooms, interior layout, choice of building materials, exterior features and more. .

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Hybrid homes can be a combination of many styles together or just log and timber frame together.  It is all up to you and what fits into your vision, design and budget.  Becoming more mainstream, hybrid construction makes transitioning from a conventional stick-built or structural panel home to a more rustic dramatic look, using a mix of materials an option for the homeowners.  Choosing a timbered roof system and structural insulated panels can help keep building costs in line.  Designing bathrooms without posts offers greater flexibility as well as kitchen cabinets and countertops.  Incorporating a timbered rustic master suite will offer a private yet expansive sanctuary to enjoy.  Your options are endless and limited only to your imagination. 

Craftsman style homes have more history behind them in that they became wildly popular from 1905 through 1930.  They gained popularity again at the end of the century and are still popular as old homes are being restored, and folks are building replicas.  Craftsman style homes are a work of art as well as a functional dwelling with its design roots in the bungalow that originated in India.  They are typically one story with a low, gentle sloping roof, although some also have dormers and attics.  The design usually offers wide eaves over a deep porch with distinctive square pillars.  The roof rafters are traditionally exposed, while the inside of the home has many built-in cabinets, shelving, seating and nooks.  The decorative interior beams of the house are usually exposed.   A traditionally built Craftsman is modest and takes advantage of the site it is located on by using local natural materials where possible. Your options are endless. 


Timber Elements bring the relaxed warmth of natural wood right into your home.  High ceilings of exposed heavy timber wood beams and trusses will be admired each time you arrive home.   Timber porches and wooden exterior accents highlight the home’s distinctive appeal. 


Bear’s Den offers a wide variety of exterior materials, textures and styles to achieve the natural look clients want with very little maintenance needed.  A balance is struck between true wood components and composite materials to create a home that appears to have grown within the landscape it inhabits. Your options are endless and limited only to your imagination. 


We are available to work with clients to help them design and build homes of all shapes and sizes, from small cabins to traditional homes to spacious estates.   No project is too big or small.   Contact us to explore how Bear’s Den can transform your dreams into reality.  “If you can envision it, we can build it.” 


We work with each customer to create a special place for them to call home.  Each personalized and custom home design reflects our client’s needs, wants and desires.  It conveys their personality and lifestyle.