Browse Our Floor Plans for Your Ideal Custom Home

At Bear’s Den Log Homes, we offer a variety of log home floor plans designed for any number of lifestyles.  As you explore our log house plans, you will find that log and timber frame homes of today use many of the same basic materials and techniques of days gone by. But, with modern construction methods and the constant improving of renewable materials, the log home of today is a structure of enduring strength and beauty. Bear’s Den Log Homes, along with Honest Abe Log Homes and our team of designers and builders are dedicated to the art of designing and engineering a structure that you will dream of today, live in tomorrow and treasure for a lifetime.
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Our collections of model homes are listed below. These floor plans are just a sampling of what we have to offer and please keep in mind that every model floor plan you are about to see can be customized to your own design specifications. Please contact us for more information. Please take a tour of each series link provided below to learn more about the variety of styles, materials and floor plans available.  You will also want to take a photo tour of our site’s log cabin design pictures.